Social media

Do I need it?

Most businesses swear by “word of mouth”. Social media is word of mouth X 10!

The truth is 90% of your clients don’t think about a roofer until they need one. When they do, they ask their friends or hit the search engines.

Here are some stats on current Social Media usage in America.
  • 83% of consumers are likely to visit a website recommended by a friend on Facebook or other social media, and more than half say comments posted on retailers’ Facebook and Twitter pages, whether positive or negative, also influence their opinions (2011 Global Consumer Shopping Habits Survey – Channel Advisor)
  • Consumer opinions posted online (70%) are more trusted than information on TV (62%), newspapers (61%) and online banner ads (33%) (Nielsen)
How do I use Social Media to my advantage?

The stats above sound great if you have 10,000 widgets to sell before Friday. Roofers don’t up sell their clients as often as retail business. How can you attract and keep followers interested?

YourWeb Pro recommends you refer to your current client base with inspection incentives as well as all new clients with some form of an upgrade or free service. Encourage customers to stay by offering free inspections and storm damage education.

Offer new services and inspections of those services. Most roofing companies offer some form of exterior service. Market all those items as potentially damaged areas from a storm for instance.
Service announcements such as roof inspections, job photos, testimonials and general greeting messages can be posted a few times a week on social media outlets. These posts let your customers know you are around and any specials can be shared between your friends.

Your customers and their friends share specials and announcements all the time. Their friends have roofs which may need repair or are in use of inspection. Quickly. Your message and or offer can spread in REAL TIME to hundreds of people a week potentially.

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